20 Free Fonts Recently Published on January 2012

Compiled fonts are now available for download is free, license to use each different. If you are a commercial use, especially after checking the license please use.

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Here are a few times and is up again, especially since personal favorite even in cursive font.

Open Sans Family

Arriving at a summary set of 10 different font typefaces simple, here is a Google Web fonts are available as is.

Bree Serif

Serif Font one of the materials as well as any design simple and easy.

Arvil Sans

Font is characterized by simple, stylish form somewhat elongated. Alphabet corresponds to the number.


Rounded corners of the fonts, free fonts give you a friendly impression. It is also unlikely, such as logos.


Font typefaces and logos you wish to use a unique design, and included a line with two normal versions.


Free materials for anyone looking font you want to recommend a thick font style, font making it likely to accent the design.

Villa Didot

Font inspired by retro designs of vintage posters. Also has five separate font style can be completed by combining typography.


Free Fonts on the latest that was just recently released, has been designed to be used in the headline and that headline.


Playful alphabet, free fonts made material and dynamic design. Such statements are likely to be good in the headlines.


Excellent readability, free and easy to use style serif fonts Osoddokusu. Google Web fonts available as a.


Free fonts to choose from six different weight, stylish fonts material is also available as Web fonts.

Mosaic Leaf

Based on the Helvetica font has used all love, good usability is fashionable.


Added to the font line, free fonts, such as pop design reminiscent of the circus.

Sketch Gothic

As the title, material representations of free fonts that feels like a bold font gothic handwriting. Free download only Light.


Created print designs are inspired by embossing, clipart serif font.


Serif alphabet was created using the lane, free font design elements.

Cubic Sans

Free alphabet font was designed by combining the three-dimensional cubic box.

Siruca Pictogram

Graphic representation only using the letter “Pictogram” font with free material.

Sports daily ◎ also nice in that it supports a wide range of genres and business.

Erler Dingbats

Corresponding to the Unicode standard, so it is the first time in history emoticons Font material. Are included in the design center simple to use.

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