Google Takedown

This course explains a complete backlink strategy that is designed either to be added in to your current strategy or else you can simply go through each method one by one, thus giving you consistent and...
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Facebook ads

How to Advertising Facebook

Another reason why you should consider marketing on Facebook is because of Facebook Ads, which are deemed to be serious competition to Google Ad Words (as if trumping Google as the most visited website...
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WordPress: Using The Same Design or Unfinished Themes

Using the same WordPress theme on all of your aged high PR network domains is another area of concern when it comes to leaving footprints. There are literally thousands of free WordPress themes and there...
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Understanding How To Spot Good Keywords

Before the SEO strategy can be applied to this case study, keyword research must occur. A good keyword is judged on 3 different criteria. Potential Traffic and Kind of Traffic Competition Potential Profit Another...
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Reasons to Unsubscribe

Reasons to Unsubscribe from Writing Happiness

Writing happiness is a blog which was supposed to give happiness to the people by their blog writing. They were asking people to subscribe to their blog and enjoy their services. But the services are...
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Best Programs for Lightweight Image Editing

Photo or image editing is not just a professional job anymore. Millions of people take photos and want to make them just a little better. You shouldn’t have to use a heavy weight application such as...
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HTML5: A New Web Standard

HTML is a very stable standard that is updated once in a few years. Each time it is updated, there are a few additional elements added and a few are removed. However, HTML5 is a completely different animal....
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How to Avoid Brochure Design Blunders

Designing any type of printed promotional material is fairly difficult task – for example is how to create a good brochure design. The necessity to balance the amount of information and images, incorporating...
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