Best Programs for Lightweight Image Editing

Photo or image editing is not just a professional job anymore. Millions of people take photos and want to make them just a little better. You shouldn’t have to use a heavy weight application such as...
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How to Avoid Brochure Design Blunders

Designing any type of printed promotional material is fairly difficult task – for example is how to create a good brochure design. The necessity to balance the amount of information and images, incorporating...
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Things to Know Before Designing a Logo

Everyone’s got ’em. You likely see the “Nike swoosh” logo everywhere you go. And you know the Texaco station at the corner by its distinctive “star.” So, you’re thinking, “My company needs...
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5 Tips to Create a Powerful Brochure Design

All of us would like to think our product is so good, our services so unique, they’ll simply sell themselves. Not so! Strong branding, powerful images, compelling web pages and outstanding marketing...
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My Company Logo Makes Me Appealing

A logo is any graphic element, icon or a symbol serves as the visual identity of a company. The logo of any company holds a very strong power in creating the overall image of a business or a company. One...
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10 Great Examples of Logo Designs Showing Symmetry

Logo is a company’s face. Wherever the company wishes to represent, its logo speaks volumes about it. It is not necessary to have a very complex, gaudy logo; simple logos manage to outclass the most...
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Research Process in Logo Designing

What is Logo? A logo is what makes your brand distinguished from others. Hence it is essential, to first recognize the main purpose of having a logo and then proceed towards its designing process. The...
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Evolution of Sports Logo in the History of Designing

Logo design may undergo several changes over time. Logo designers bring certain modifications to the existing design in response to the changing trend and business demand. This happens in every industry...
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