Facebook ads

How to Advertising Facebook

Another reason why you should consider marketing on Facebook is because of Facebook Ads, which are deemed to be serious competition to Google Ad Words (as if trumping Google as the most visited website...
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Reasons to Unsubscribe

Reasons to Unsubscribe from Writing Happiness

Writing happiness is a blog which was supposed to give happiness to the people by their blog writing. They were asking people to subscribe to their blog and enjoy their services. But the services are...
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Best Programs for Lightweight Image Editing

Photo or image editing is not just a professional job anymore. Millions of people take photos and want to make them just a little better. You shouldn’t have to use a heavy weight application such as...
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Tips: Successful Advertising For The Clients

Huge amounts of money are spent on advertising every day by clients how want to see their product more successful than ever. Unfortunately, some times all these campaigns are conducted bypassing the opinions...
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Logo Design Tips

Tips to Design Logo From The Best Designer

Here are five tips to design logo from one of the best logo designers in the UK – David Airey. 1. Make it memorable, timeless, scalable and appropriate Experienced logo designers don’t always agree...
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Tips – How To Create Brand Identity Guidelines

Why have brand identity guidelines? The answer is simple: to build a stronger brand for the products identity. Inside the brand identity guidelines are tools, templates and information to help all consumers,...
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