15 Examples Inspirative Logo Design Using Fire Shapes

Long time not update this blog, I think I need to bring some hot things to you. Many designers need inspiration every time as well as the power to burn the brain in order to get fresh idea for their projects. What’s...
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10 Great Examples of Logo Designs Showing Symmetry

Logo is a company’s face. Wherever the company wishes to represent, its logo speaks volumes about it. It is not necessary to have a very complex, gaudy logo; simple logos manage to outclass the most...
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Evolution of Sports Logo in the History of Designing

Logo design may undergo several changes over time. Logo designers bring certain modifications to the existing design in response to the changing trend and business demand. This happens in every industry...
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20+ Inspirative Logo Design Using Animal Shapes

In this post, I will share creative and inspirative logo design using animal shapes. Many designers can make a creative logo design is inspired by many things near them such as an animal. How to create...
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20 Awesome Music Logo for Inspiration

We collected inspirative music logo for inspiration. There are many logo for music company, DJ, recording, concert and something similiarity and we selected 25 logos for you. See around and get more inspirations.
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Logo Design Tips

Tips to Design Logo From The Best Designer

Here are five tips to design logo from one of the best logo designers in the UK – David Airey. 1. Make it memorable, timeless, scalable and appropriate Experienced logo designers don’t always agree...
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Tips – How To Create Brand Identity Guidelines

Why have brand identity guidelines? The answer is simple: to build a stronger brand for the products identity. Inside the brand identity guidelines are tools, templates and information to help all consumers,...
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Logo Design Workbook

In this time we want to share to you about logo design workbook. It’s a logo design workbook that you can view online on Google books or buy it at Amazon. This book contains all about logo; step...
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