1. 20+ Inspirative Logo Design Using Animal Shapes - Fenster Media - October 3, 2011

    [...] 1. Collection of Inspirative and Fresh Logo Design. 2. 20 Awesome Music Logo for Inspiration [...]

  2. 5 Design Logo Tips From The Best Designer - Logo Tips - Fenster Media - October 10, 2011

    [...] Good logos are timeless – like Philips, Nike, BMW, etc. But when it comes to how these blend with the colors of the websites they are placed on, there is always an element of surprise. The logo stands by itself, as a powerful identifier, but the design of the site adds colors that appeals to its viewers. People are visual beings, and monotony is categorically not something that triggers positive response. “You want to keep a level of consistency, so a monotone logo lends itself well to a monotone website, perhaps with a dash of color to accentuate the appeal.” [...]

  3. Evolution of Sports Logo in the History of Designing - Fenster Media - November 5, 2011

    [...] to stay ahead, get noticed and inspire their followers. Logo redesign plays a vital part in giving a fresh look to a team. It signals that the team is changing with the change in sporting [...]

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