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Facebook ads

Another reason why you should consider marketing on Facebook is because of Facebook Ads, which are deemed to be serious competition to Google Ad Words (as if trumping Google as the most visited website isn’t enough!) At this point, Facebook Ads have an edge over Google Ad Words, not only because it offers more effective targeting (which will be discussed later on), but also because your ads will have a higher chance of being shown when you’re using Facebook ads fb-ads-vs-google-adwordsversus Google Ad Words. Some have even reported getting their ads displayed over 100,000 times in a single day, which is a lot more compared to the number of times your ads will appear on Ad Words, which averages to only about 500 per day.

There are two kinds of Facebook Ads, the Facebook Ad and the Social Ad. Facebook Ads work pretty much in the same way as other online ads, and what you typically see on the right sidebar when you’re logged in to Facebook. Advertisers can make these ads link back to their Facebook fan page, application, or their own website in order to generate traffic. Social Ads, on the other hand, are intimately tied together with the activities of a Facebook user on the website, as well as those of the people in their network. There are three kinds of Social Ads: Fan style ads. These are tied together with Facebook fan pages. Once users “Like” an ad, they will automatically become followers of the brand’s fan page, allowing them to receive updates about the brand. This is a popular choice among established businesses, since their market already know who they are.

Comment style ads. These ads allow users to actually leave comments about it, similar to how they can make wall posts.


Virtual Gifts ads. Usually found on Facebook apps, this type of ad allows users to share virtual items (that bear the name of the brand) to other users.

Do note, however, that unlike Facebook Fan pages, Facebook Ads are paid services, which means you won’t be able to avail of these services unless you’re willing to shell out the money. However, this investment may be worth it, provided that you handle your advertising campaign effectively.

Having Facebook post your ad won’t automatically incur costs. Instead, your fees will be based either on the number of clicks you get (CPC) or the number of impressions of your ad (CPM). You will be able to control just how much you will be paying by setting a budget (daily or lifetime) so that you don’t end up paying more than you can afford. You can adjust the budget at any point in time.


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