HTML5: A New Web Standard

HTML is a very stable standard that is updated once in a few years. Each time it is updated, there are a few additional elements added and a few are removed. However, HTML5 is a completely different animal....
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How to Avoid Brochure Design Blunders

Designing any type of printed promotional material is fairly difficult task – for example is how to create a good brochure design. The necessity to balance the amount of information and images, incorporating...
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Things to Know Before Designing a Logo

Everyone’s got ’em. You likely see the “Nike swoosh” logo everywhere you go. And you know the Texaco station at the corner by its distinctive “star.” So, you’re thinking, “My company needs...
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Tanjungsari – Free WordPress Theme

After I release KrakalRoad and Gunkid Light, in this time I release new free WordPress theme, Tanjungsari.  This WordPress theme really free for you with some premium features. You can use Tanjungsari...
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15 Examples Inspirative Logo Design Using Fire Shapes

Long time not update this blog, I think I need to bring some hot things to you. Many designers need inspiration every time as well as the power to burn the brain in order to get fresh idea for their projects. What’s...
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5 Tips to Create a Powerful Brochure Design

All of us would like to think our product is so good, our services so unique, they’ll simply sell themselves. Not so! Strong branding, powerful images, compelling web pages and outstanding marketing...
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Tips: Successful Advertising For The Clients

Huge amounts of money are spent on advertising every day by clients how want to see their product more successful than ever. Unfortunately, some times all these campaigns are conducted bypassing the opinions...
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20 Free PSD Templates for Corporate Website

You may have a great idea but you have limited time to start from scratch. Lots of free PSD templates that you can grab from the internet. You can modify according to your ideas and your creativity. Do...
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