Understanding How To Spot Good Keywords

Before the SEO strategy can be applied to this case study, keyword research must occur. A good keyword is judged on 3 different criteria.

  • Potential Traffic and Kind of Traffic
  • Competition
  • Potential Profit

Another factor that applies is the AdSense CPC (if you plan going the AdSense route). Regardless of the site’s purpose, however, your goals are to get the most traffic while having the least competition.

CPC (Cost per click)- Google AdSense has an expected price that they pay you per ad clicked from your site. During this case study, I located the keyword QTP Interview questions by first using the Google Keyword Tool.

QTP interview questions gets an estimated 9,900 exact searches and has a CPC of 2.54, making it a strong and good keyword. If I choose to go the Adsense route a profit of 500-1000 dollars would be obtainable (with proper Adsense optimization).

Let’s look at the reasons why I chose this keyword!

  1. Very few of these sites are actual home pages- this means the actual site is not focused on this keyword.
  2. The PRs for these pages are average to high. There are multiple PR 4s and 2s. This is not the optimum PR range for easy rankings. However, my page has an exact domain name match to the keyword (I’ll discuss why this is a benefit later). This allows me a little bit of leeway. The competition will still be tough, but manageable, with my strategy.
  3. If I look on the far right attributes, only a few of the pages are directly targeting the keyword. Those that are have low PR and poor site design. This makes it a non-issue.
  4. None of these sites are high quality authority sites. This means Google does not value any of them THAT highly, and I can pass them without raising red flags.

This is the overall process for finding good keywords for use in this strategy.

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