WordPress: Using The Same Design or Unfinished Themes

Using the same WordPress theme on all of your aged high PR network domains is another area of concern when it comes to leaving footprints. There are literally thousands of free WordPress themes and there are WordPress theme membership sites where themes can be bought in bulk. There’s no excuse for using the same theme on any more than just one of your network websites.


The same applies to unfinished themes, take the time to either link the social media links to related social media accounts, remove the standard WordPress sidebar widgets and get a unique header design to match the site theme.

I see so many networks that do not bother taking any of these steps for their network sites and the owners scratch their heads when the network gets deindexed.

I can’t be any more clear on this point – make every blog 100% unique, finished and something that you would present to a business owner as their new website.

Some people say that WordPress shouldn’t be used on every site in your network but I’ve seen multiple WordPress-only networks in some of the most competitive markets online that have survived the 2012 Google updates – because they have been built in the way I have detailed throughout this report.

Using the same plugins across your network

Moving on to the plugins that are used on these blogs, remember that these blogs are only used to rank other websites and the goal is not to rank these network sites in the search engines for any particular terms at all.

ALL plugins leave some sort of footprint, therefore we take the safe option and deactivate all plugins on our own aged high PR networks. On some sites we will install random plugins , we do not have a particular list to work from so we just make it up as we go along.

Again the aim is for each and every blog to be 100% unique, this includes the plugins which are used.

The ONLY EXCEPTION to this rule is when the aged domain name has many indexed pages in Google that we want to take advantage of without having to produce content but more about that in the next section of this course.


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